InGOS Ecosystem

InGOS Specific Data

In this section of the database specific measurement and data collected in the context of the InGOS project are presented and available. Some of the dataset have been acquired and provided by external project partners and for this reason could have specific data policies and access restrictions.

The products available are listed in the table below. To access the data click on the "Get it" link. It will be requested to log-in and if you are authorized to access the data the file will be immediately available. If you are an external user, the request to authorize you to access the data will be automatically submitted to the data owner that will authorize or not the download. If authorized you will receive qan email with a link to download the data.

Please note that these data are available under a data policy agreement that is attached to each single file and alos available in the Guideline section of this site.


Data available


Variable Description Responsible Period Download
Cabauw intercomparison campaign CH4 fluxes measured during the INGOS field campaign in Cabauw where different gas analyzer have been tested and compared Eiko Nemitz 2012 Get it
Edinburgh campaign N2O fluxes measured during the INGOS field campaign in Edinburgh where different gas analyzer have been tested (please note: .rar file, size 2.7 Gb) Eiko Nemitz 2013 Get it
Cabauw spatial var. campaign CH4 fluxes measured during the second InGOS field campaign in Cabauw where flux variability in the landscape was studied with a tall tower and several short towers (JRA6 work package) Ivan Mammarella 2012 Get it
N2O chamber intercomparison campaign InGOS chamber intercomparison campaign organized at Hyytiälä during June-August 2014 where 21 soil chambers were tested against known reference N2O fluxes Mari Pihlatie 2014 Get it
 Risø intercomparison campaign N2O fluxes during the InGOS field campaign at Risø (Denmark) where different analysers and chamber designs have been tested Andreas Ibrom 2013 Get it