European Fluxes Database Cluster


Welcome to the PI area

The PI area includes a number of tools needed to submit and update data and site information, manage the site staff composition, control and download the list of users that accessed or are asking access to the data, set the data access and data use policies to apply to each site-year and have an overview of what has been submitted and imported in the database.

The use of the different tools is possible only for PIs and Collaborators (for the sites where they are responsible) and after login. The PI area is the unique interface to manage the sites and it is valid for all the sites and projects. The tools, that are reachable using the bar menu on the top, include:

Sites Info

Use this page to add/manage information about fluxes measured, methods used, generic site characteristics such coordinates and PFT and the collaborators that will upload data and answer technical questions

Data Sharing

Here it is possible to set the data access and data use policies, define who can download the data, add projects or institution to be acknowledged and define who are the data owner, the data author/s and the data contact person.

Submitted Files

In this page is possible to find the list of all the files submitted to the database, when and who did the submission and it is possible to download back the submitted files.

Upload Data

This tool is the only one accepted to submit data to the database, including ancillary data and images

Imported Data

The page provide an overview of what has been imported in the database (transferred from the submitted files to the database structure) for all the variables

Data Requests

In this page it is possible to see the list of the data requests still pending (where authorization by the PI is needed) and take the decision and to see and download the historical record of all the people that downloaded data measured at the site